Water Bath

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Description:The electrically operated Single walled Rectangular Water Bath are made of thick stainless steel and feature constant water levels maintained inside them. For optimum performance, these also come complete with concentric rings having 75 mm dia, wire plugs and with suitable drainage facility.
The bath machine also comprises thermostatic controller that allows better control of temperature levels with removable glass tray and stainless steel platform for drying of sections. Some of the applications these are used in include for sterilizing purposes. These Water Baths also come fitted with heating element for uniform heating throughout the system and finds usage in areas like medical institutions, research laboratories, agricultural institutions, bio-chemical industries as well as in many other industries.


1.Water Bath Rectangular Single Walled is made of Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel with Concentric rings.
2.Water Bath Rectangular Single Walled fitted with Heating Element for uniform heating throughout.
3.To work on 220/230 Volts A.C. supply.
4.In medical institution and research laboratories.
5.Agricultural institution.
6.Bio-Chemical industries and many other industries.