Shaker Incubator

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Shaking incubators is also know as environmental shakers, are frenquently used for cell culturing, cell aeration, and solubility studies

Technical Specification of Shaker Incubator:

Shaker Incubator W/O Cooling:
Temperature Range : 5 °C above ambient to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.2°C

Shaker Incubator With Cooling:
Temperature Range : 5°C to 60°C
Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.2°Celsius
Speed of Shaking : 40 to 200 Rpm.
Speed of Indication : Digital


Double walled construction .

3”inch Thickness of PUF pannel Insulation providing constant temperature with humidity & reduced energy consumption.

Motorized Blower chamber uses a unique air flow system which providing maximum uniform temperature & humidity condition in the chamber.Unique air flow guarantee quick recovery after door openings.

Models Without Cooling With Cooling
Temperature Range 5 °Celsius above environmental conditions to 60°C 5°Celsius to 60°Celsius
Capacity Liters 130 130
Internal size H X W X D cm 43 X 55 X 55 43 X 55 X 55
External size H X W X D cm 125 x 71 x 88 125 x 71 x 88

Flask Size:
uniform Plat form size –cm. 45 X 45
100 ml 36
250 ml 25
500 ml 16
1000 ml 9
2000 ml 4