Melting Point Apparatus

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*Jai Lab Products Product offers a range of Melting Points Apparatus to suit all users, the SMP11 with thermometer, is absolute for teach the students how to read a thermometer but also teaches phase changes.
* Melting Point Apparatus is designed to calculate the MELTING point, BOILING point or FLOW point of an substance.
*Sensitive PT-100 Temp. sensor is used to THE temperature changes more rapidly hence melting point determination is performed faster. Provision to set PRE Temperature. limit to approximately 15°C. below the expected Melting Temperature of the sample.

Display : Digital 12mm of LED Red lights
Temperature Ranges : Up to 300°Celsius.
Resolution : 1°Celsius.
Stirrer : Magnetic with teflon coated bit
Viewing : Through magnifying glass, illuminated background
Bath : 100 ml oil bath with level marking.
Sensor : RTD (PT-100) Temperature. Sensor
Sample : Capillaries 3 Numbers. for Melting Point. Mini Test Tube 1 No. for Boiling Point.
Dimension : 300 W x 220 D x 260mm H
Weight : 5 kg. approx