Ice Flake Machine

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Jai Lab Products are manufacturers , designing latest technology & international standard. Flake Ice Machines used in laboratories worldwide in international standard quality and advanced manufacturing and designing technology, our units prove to be more truss table and strong flake ice makers available on the market today. These Flake Ice Machines are supplied to Chennai,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Cochin & India


Temperature Controlling
Fish Fresh Freezing
Beverage Bottle Freezing
All kinds of beverages.

Product Flake Ice Machine
Ice Flake output 25 to 196 kg / day or more
Temperature -5°Celsius to -8°Celsius
Construction Stainless Steel
Insulation PU foam
Cooling system Air cooling & water cooling
Water connection 3 / 4” BSP
Collecting Bin Capacity Up to 40 KG
Operation Automatic
Flake ice thickness 1.8 to 2.5 millimeter
Noise level 55dBA – 3m
Heat emission 2.6 kw
Safety features loading protection &monitoring water shortage
Certification CE marked
Power Supply 220 Volts