Humidity Chamber

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Jai Lab Products Product offers humidity chamber and conferring an extensive variety of Drying Oven, Air Cooling System, Drying Chambers, Dehumidifier, Controllering of Humidity, Industrial Ovens, Drying Ovens, Precision Air Conditioning System and so on. humidity chamber is used for the testing of electronics, electrical components & boards, pharmaceuticals field and wood industries.

Specifications of Humidity Chamber:

Capacity: 100 liters to 16000 liters
Internal finish: 18 grams, 304 grade stainless steel sheet
External finish: 18 g precoated CRCA sheet
Temperature range: Ambient to 100 ┬░c
Accuracy: / - 1┬░celsius, /- 3% RH
Range of Humidity: Ambient to 97% RH