Dancing Shaker

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Description:1.Dancing shaker is designed to provide precise speed and tilt angles required for broad range of molecular and biological mixing application.
2.Dancing shaker are used for staining and destaining gel, hybridization procedure, hematology and blotting techniques.
3.Rocking shaker has a unique instant Tilt technology wherein the user can simply grip the platform with two hands and move it to the desired position without any tool and disassembly.
4.These are safe to be used in cold room and incubator.
dancing shaker have a unique dual platform accessory which can be brought separately to double work surface.


Maximize the degree of mixing of the liquid in motion and 3D ∞ shape, accommodating up to 3 kg
With Reciprocal, Seesaw, three-dimensional movements are the disadvantages of complementary
Manner Orbital excellent mixing effect
Optional embossing can be used reliably in a variety of container mats and rubber bands


Gel staining / destaining
Western blot reaction and washing
All Ag-Ab ELISA reaction and response
Useful in any type of mixing and reaction promotion