Conductivity Meter

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Description: A wide range of conductivity meters and conductivity controllers for a variety of environments and applications. Our low cost pocket conductivity testers and portable conductivity meters are ideal for field based conductivity measurement. Many models have an onboard memory to store and recall conductivity readings taken. For laboratory based applications, select from benchtop conductivity meters including leading brands such as Oakton, YSI, and Thermo Orion. Features of this style of conductivity meter can include a computer interface either by RS-232 or USB. Speak to our Applications Specialists for free technical support on conductivity measurement to help solve your application needs.

Conductivity Meter & Measurement Selection Considerations

When selecting a conductivity meter important features that need to be considered are :
Autoranging: Meter automatically selects the most accurate range for measurement. There is no need to manually change the range.
TDS Conversion Factor: When a solution does not have a similar ionic water content to natural water or salt water, then a TDS conversion factor is needed to automatically adjust the TDS readings
Temperature Compensation: A cell with built-in temperature sensor allows the meter to make adjustments to the conductivity or TDS reading based on changes in solution temperature
Adjustable temperature coefficients: Alcohols and pure water are affected by changes in temperature differently than typical samples. An adjustable temperature coefficient allows the user to compensate for the properties of the measured solution
Adjustable cell constant: Adjusts the measurement to reflect use of a cell with a constant other than K = 1.0. Wide range meters may except cells between K = 0.01 and 10



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