BioSafety Cabinet

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Jai Lab Products designed in Bio safety cabinet to provide both a clean work environment and safety to operators who work with biological hazards. Bio safety cabinet has vertrical laminar airflow to fabricate airborne particles and especially a bacterium, virus, or fungus. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are used to gives clean air in the work places as well as to the environments through exhaust the HEPA filter.

Biosafety Cabinets into three categories:

Class I, Class II, Class III.

Class I of Biosafety Cabinet:

The class I Biological Safety Cabinet is an open in front side ,so it is negative pressure cabinet. This Bio-Safety Cabinet is filtered by a high-efficiency particulate air filter. Bio safety cabinet safety to human beings and environment only. Class I cabinets suitable for work shere no product protection is required.

Class II of Biosafety Cabinet:

This cabinet gives a HEPA-filtered re circulated mass airflow within the space. Thus, Class II bio safety cabinet to protection in the product as well as to human beings and environment. While HEPA filters are effective for particulates and infectious agents, it is suitable for the containment of bio hazardous material there by giving environment for cell culture. Class II cabinet is most be adapted to many different functions or activities and economical model.

Class III of Biosafety Cabinet:

Jai Lab Products offer Class III Biosafety Cabinet giving personel & environment safety . Bio-Safety Cabinet offer air balancing of 100% exhaust with involves the combustion of Microbiological contained in waste materials & working zone under negative. The bio-safety Class III cabinets are designed for work with especially a bacterium, virus, or fungus provide to bio-safety level 4. These bio-safety cabinets gives maximum prevent to the environment and the worker. The cabinet provides access for passage of materials inside through a double-door pass-through box. The supply and exhaust air is HEPA filtered. The cabinet has arm-length, heavy-duty rubber gloves attached in a gas-tight manner in the cabinet and allows for manipulation of the materials separated inside.